Wiseacre Brewing’s newest beer, Sky Dog, is a 99-calorie, light American lager

Wiseacre Sky Dog Lager

In a sea of higher-calorie craft beers, Wiseacre Brewing Co. offers five year-round beers that weigh in under 150 calories.

Now, Wiseacre is giving fans a taste of another lower-calorie option set to join the brewery’s year-round lineup early next year.

Sky Dog Premium Lager, 4% ABV, is just 99 calories per 12 ounces. Calorie-wise, Sky Dog is right in between Miller Lite (96 calories) and Coors Light (102 calories).

Sky Dog is being released on a limited basis in conjunction with this weekend’s Mempho Music Festival at Radians Ampitheater.

Wiseacre is the official beer sponsor of Mempho, and Sky Dog will be available at the festival in 16-ounce cans.

The beer is also on tap now in both of Wiseacre’s taprooms, and Wiseacre is hosting a Sky Dog release party on Friday, Sept. 29, at its Broad Avenue location.

Sky Dog was brewed with North American two-row malted barley, American corn, and Czech Republic Saaz hops.

“It is really fun making full-flavored ‘light’ beers. We have been really surprised by the fantastic body of this 4% ABV beer,” Davin Bartosch, head brewer and Wiseacre co-founder, told Memphis Beer Blog.

“Usually these beers come off as watery and boring, but Sky Dog has great mouthfeel. Nice malt and corn flavor on the front end, zippy Wiseacre finish.”

When Sky Dog joins Wiseacre’s year-round lineup next year, the beer will be available on draft at bars and restaurants and in stores in six-packs.

Wiseacre’s other lower-calorie, year-round options include Tiny Bomb American Pilsner (129 calories,  4.5% ABV), Irusu Rice Lager (99 calories, 4% ABV), Beach Within Reach Berliner Weisse (139 calories, 4.2% ABV), Air Bath Session IPA (149 calories, 5% ABV) and Memphis Sands Helles Lager (149 calories, 5.1% ABV).

Read more about lower calorie beers at Wiseacre and other Memphis breweries in this post, “Low Cal and local: a guide to Memphis craft beers that won’t wreck your diet.”

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