Ghost River’s ‘Orange Ya Sweet’ blood orange wheat ale is final beer in series

Pint of Ghost River’s Orange Ya Sweet

Over the past year, Ghost River Brewing Co. has been exploring the possibilities of wheat beers through a series of releases.

Ghost River started with the Wayward Wit witbier, followed by the Tropfen Vom Himmel hefeweizen, and then Interstellar MoSH, a raspberry sour.

The final installment in the wheat beer series is out now: Orange Ya Sweet, 6% ABV, a blood orange wheat ale, billed as “the perfect way to combat the Mid-South heat.”

The beer was brewed with sweet orange peel and infused with blood orange puree.

Mark Crum, Ghost River’s head brewer, said Ghost River found success earlier with adding blood orange to a seltzer, so the brewery decided to give a blood orange beer a try.

Ghost River first brewed a couple of smaller, two-barrel test batches, which were served in the taproom, before refining the recipe for Orange Ya Sweet.

“It’s got a nice subtle taste to it, where (the orange) blends real well and doesn’t overpower the beer. It gives you a nice, refreshing finish,” Crum said.

Orange Ya Sweet is available now on tap and in six-packs of cans to go at Ghost River’s Main Street and Beale Street taprooms.

The beer should be available at stores in the Memphis area in the next few weeks.

Ghost River’s Orange Ya Sweet full label

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