Ghost River Brewing’s new ‘Lo-cal Gold’ is a slimmed down version of flagship beer

Pint glass of Ghost River Brewing’s Lo-cal Gold
Ghost River Brewing’s Lo-Cal Gold

Ghost River Brewing Co. is releasing a new version of its flagship beer, Ghost River Gold, that’s lower on calories and alcohol.

It’s being called “Lo-Cal Gold,” 4.0% ABV, and it has just 112 calories and 9.6 carbs per 12 ounces.

The beer goes on sale Friday, July 21, in Ghost River’s South Main and Beale Street taprooms. For now, it’s going to remain a taproom exclusive.

Gold River Gold, 6% ABV, is Ghost River’s best-selling beer, and it isn’t going anywhere. The brewery is just adding a lighter version with Lo-cal Gold.

“It’s got a lower ABV, so if you want to sip on it all day, you can,” said Ghost River’s head brewer, Mark Crum. “And for those that are really conscious about carb intake and calories, we’re trying to give them another option in our offerings.”

Crum described “Lo-Cal Gold” as a session version of the flagship Gold.

“We just dialed it down a little bit,” he said. “It turned out really well, and has a real malty, robust flavor to it.”

Crum has brewed one 7-barrel batch of the beer at Ghost River’s location on Beale. If it’s popular, you’ll likely see more Lo-cal Gold at both taprooms — and possibly even some around town.

I got an early taste, and the beer reminds me a lot of the original Gold — just a little less bitter and a bit more malty. It’s a nice, easy drinking beer.

Back in June, I wrote about the options out there if you’re looking for lower-calorie Memphis beers: Low cal and local: A guide to Memphis craft beers that won’t wreck your diet.

Lo-cal Gold is another good option to add to the list.

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