Memphis Made’s Surrounded By Light Sparkling Ale brewed for Overton Park Shell concerts

Glass and can of Memphis Made Surrounded by Light
Surrounded By Light Sparkling Ale (Photo courtesy of Memphis Made Brewing)

There’s a new local beer for those starlit Memphis nights when midtown comes alive with music and the Overton Park Shell glows.

Surrounded By Light Sparkling Ale, 5% ABV, has been brewed by Memphis Made Brewing Co. for this year’s Overton Park Shell concert series. The beer debuted last Thursday.

“The Shell came to us and asked us to brew a beer for this year’s concert series. I believe they intend to share the love over the years with other breweries. We just got the honor of this year,” said Drew Barton, president and head brewer at Memphis Made.

So what is a sparkling ale?

In 1862, Thomas Cooper made his first batch of Cooper’s Sparkling Ale in Australia. It’s still being brewed and sold today.

“Cooper’s out of Australia is the original sparkling ale. In the vein of a pale ale, but not exactly that. While Surrounded By Light is not like Cooper’s, it’s in the same vein of ‘kinda a pale ale, but not exactly,'” Barton said.

“Is it a pale ale? No. Is it delicious? Yes. Is it extremely crushable? Absolutely.”

The beer will be available both at The Shell and in Memphis Made’s taproom.

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