Meddlesome Brewing Co. brings back ‘Dad Jeans’

Meddlesome Dad Jeans label

Dad Jeans, a beer described as “something your dad would drink,” is coming back soon.

The clean, 5.2%-ABV German Pilsner is Meddlesome Brewing Co.’s spring seasonal. It’s also a bit of a throwback.

“We love beer-flavored beer! So for us, the inspiration for Dad Jeans was something your dad would drink,” said Richie EsQuivel, Meddlesome’s co-owner.

“We make a beer in the fall called Yoga Pants and thought it would be funny to name a beer the opposite. Boom, Dad Jeans.”

My last pint of Dad Jeans from Meddlesome Brewing in June 2021.

Dad Jeans is headed to the distributors this week, so it may be available on store shelves and in bars as soon as next week. Dad Jeans will be available in Meddlesome’s taproom — on draft and in cans, to go — starting March 25.

Meddlesome’s brewing and taproom are located at 7750B Trinity Road in Cordova.

EsQuivel, Meddlesome co-owner Ben Pugh, and the crew at Meddlesome make some pretty fun “everyman” videos to promote their beers and events. They made the video below last year to promote Dad Jeans.

“Creating these videos, as well as the whole creative process, is always a blast. They typically start out as a ‘wouldn’t it be hilarious if…’ and then just spiral out of control from there,” EsQuivel said.

“We literally use $80,000+ worth of camera equipment and editing software. We have a great team for these videos.”

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