Grind City Brewing brings some extra heat to Memphis summer with Jalapeño Poppy’s in cans

Grind City Jalapeno Poppy's Pils can
Photo courtesy of Grind City Brewing

A taproom favorite at Grind City Brewing Co. is getting wider distribution this summer in 16-ounce cans.

Jalapeño Poppy’s, a version of Grind City’s year-round Poppy’s Pils infused with fresh jalapeño peppers, has been released in cans for the month of July as a special summer release.

The pepper pilsner will be sold in several local stores, bars and restaurants, in addition to the taproom.

“Jalapeño Poppy’s was an instant hit when it became available in the taproom last year. Then, when our new packaging/can designs were released in April, it opened the door to putting more beers in cans, and we felt Jalapeño Poppy’s deserved a chance to reach more people,” said Ian Betti, Events Director at Grind City Brewing.

“Also, we wanted to bring something new to the market. In a sea of IPAs and fruited sour options, we felt that there was a group of people who weren’t being served – and we believe there’s always room at the bar.”

Betti said Jalapeño Poppy’s is a clean, refreshing, light beer that pairs well with BBQ and Mexican dishes. The jalapeños, he said, give the beer “a beautiful fragrance and a heat that’s present but doesn’t linger.”

“We can understand hesitation toward a Jalapeño Pilsner in the Memphis heat — but that’s why we leave the overwhelming heat to the weather and not the beer,” Betti said. 

“We’ve spent months perfecting the heat level so that the beer is clearly infused with jalapeños but the heat fades away just in time for your next sip. At the end of the day, it’s still a pilsner known for its exceptional drinkability.”

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